An Amazing Collaboration

Looking back
Because of your interest in racing, we thought you might be interested in One in A Thousand, which showcases the future of publishing. Ian Coristine’s memoir, written with acclaimed novelist Donna Walsh Inglehart, contains music, video, and hundreds of photographs. Many are from Ian’s early career driving formula cars in the late ‘60s and early ‘70s in Canada’s Molson Championship and the Player’s Challenge Series, which spawned such names as Gilles Villeneuve, Keke Rosberg, and Bobby Rahal, among so many others. One in a Thousand‘s website will give you a glimpse of some of the richness and complexity of this interactive eBook, released today in Apple’s iPad App Store.

Ian Coristine has had a remarkable life as a Formula race car driver, high-tech entrepreneur, pilot, photographer and award-winning book publisher. Today he is best known for his iconic photographs of The 1000 Islands.

Donna Walsh Inglehart has taught writing for many years. She spent summers in the Thousand Islands, the setting for Breaking the Ring (Little, Brown and Company), and later, for her critically acclaimed Civil War novel, Grindstone (Troubadour Interactive).