Cottage Life April 2013

Treasured Islands

Photographer Ian Coristine has a plaque at his Thousand Islands cottage the says "The river chooses some." It certainly chose him.  He fell in love with the region on a flyover in 1992, and then came across Raleigh Island, with its rundown 1917 cottage, three years later.  "It's the only island around with a natural harbour that could accommodate my plane," he says, "and it hadn't been on the market in years."

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Ian Coristine has had a remarkable life as a Formula race car driver, high-tech entrepreneur, pilot, photographer and award-winning book publisher. Today he is best known for his iconic photographs of The 1000 Islands.

Donna Walsh Inglehart has taught writing for many years. She spent summers in the Thousand Islands, the setting for Breaking the Ring (Little, Brown and Company), and later, for her critically acclaimed Civil War novel, Grindstone (Troubadour Interactive).