A Voyage Of Discovery

In 1992 I took off on a flight with two friends in our Challenger ultralight floatplanes. With no destination in mind, we followed the St. Lawrence River west to the Thousand Islands, a region of spectacular beauty. I was stunned by what I saw. I am now the current steward of Raleigh Island, just one in its long history. It has become my life’s work to celebrate and help protect this rare, magical place.

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What Were the Chances?

Written with acclaimed novelist Donna Walsh Inglehart, One is a story of discovery. When Ian Coristine found Raleigh, he was already on a remarkable journey, as a formula race car driver in his early years, then a pilot and entrepreneur. Through the process of restoring the abandoned hundred-year old cottage on Raleigh Island, Ian reinvented his life. He found a new home and, unexpectedly, a new career, becoming an iconic photographer of the Thousand Islands. Ian eventually published five best-selling books, two winning the coveted international Benjamin Franklin Award for Excellence in Publishing. He was selected as an Image Master by DXO Labs in Paris.

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One includes 450 photos, many never before published, from Ian’s racing and flying days to his award-winning photography career.

Feature-rich Pages

As Ian’s 300-page memoir unfolds, its pages illustrate his story with photographs, galleries, and embedded video, as well as narration and sounds of the river.


One is enriched with18 exclusive instrumentals by Great Lake Swimmers and two music videos. Ian narrates the opening page of each chapter, and sounds of the River bring the story to life.


Twenty minutes of video, much of it flying low and slow, show the River from a seldom seen perspective, what Ian calls "the privileged view."


So that readers can follow Ian’s story, many photographs are linked to an interactive map of the Thousand Islands that locates the images.

Ian Coristine has had a remarkable life as a Formula race car driver, high-tech entrepreneur, pilot, photographer and award-winning book publisher. Today he is best known for his iconic photographs of The 1000 Islands.

Donna Walsh Inglehart has taught writing for many years. She spent summers in the Thousand Islands, the setting for Breaking the Ring (Little, Brown and Company), and later, for her critically acclaimed Civil War novel, Grindstone (Troubadour Interactive).