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“Ian Coristine‘s new electronic book ‘One In A Thousand’ is an outstanding read and a total paradigm shift in how we are going to enjoy books in the future.”
- Fred Guild, President & CEO United Technology Solutions Waterloo, Ontario
“You have captured the magnificence of the river with the richness of its islands and the wonder of their spirit. You have brought to life an early morning sunrise… the sounds, the fullness! I can almost smell it! Well done! You’ve made it like coming home”!
- Dr. Ford Stevens, Wyoming Island, Lake Fleet Group
Just bought "One in a Thousand" for my ipad,great job Ian! I will spend many hours "exploring" the Islands and reading the stories...many years of memories on this true home.... great reading and hats off to all involved with making this happen, near and dear to my heart..thank you for sharing this with the world!
- Dale Hull
“I really like what you have done here! You have combined visual, text, music, navigation … what is left? I like the idea that it is not generation splitting, the navigation is simple enough that you simply pick it up and use it. This looks like the way ahead!”
- Peter Vansickle. President, Brampton Downtown Business Association
This was such a delightful adventure. Once I started I couldn’t stop reading. Being from the River, I was transported and well, neglected my work. I think Ian is an unacknowledged national treasure and this book is another shining example of what he offers us all. My heart is left lighter and my spirit satisfied.
- Carolyn McCarney, Director, McCarney and Associates Inc., Oakville, Ontario
Ian Coristine reminds me of Steve Jobs. Rebellious in his teens, but forever seeking perfection, whether it be racing, flying, photography or publishing.

And now he has found the PERFECT medium through which to show and tell his journey to find his PERFECT destination.

A moving story and unbelievable photography. Truly a "Must Buy"
- Geoff Bourne, Oakville, Ontario
This is a beautiful, innovative book about a life well led. The photos and the videos are so well integrated, that the book becomes the living tree for all the various stories....I am going to take my time to appreciate the whole of it all as the journey continues!

There must be another word for "book" ..."book" sounds so mundane and this creation is anything but mundane.
- Elizabeth Walcot
I have never ordered or viewed a book like this before, It is a great personal story as well as a beautiful tour of this Thousand Islands region.
The aeiral photos, text, and music make you feel like you are there. Only wish the the IPAD screen were a little bigger. I hope to go check it out someday soon.
The concept is incredible.
- Andrea Galuza
WOW! I am blown away by this. And not because I know you. I've just watched your network quality intro, watched the navigation video, and skimmed or browsed the chapters. I have a feeling this is going to be big.

It's going to take a while to go through this. But I know it will be a delightful digital journey. And you're right, it definitely is a different way to tell stories.
- Gerry Fraiberg, Vision & Voice, Belleville, ON
Bought The 1000 Islands last year and I can't wait to buy your new e-book; where can I get it?
(It's available at the iTunes App Store for iPad. Click on the link beside the title in the header bar to go there - ed.)
- Annette Roennebek
So exciting!
Best of luck with this special project.
- Woodie Stevens
Ian, this isn't a book, it is an experience. Thank you so much for sharing this labour of love. I purchased it last evening and it genuinely brought tears to my eyes with the beauty and depth. Our family will treasure this forever.
- Katherine Garrah
A remarkable achievement. Vibrant and compelling. "One in a Thousand" is clearly one of a kind.
- Linda Gayle Ross
I purchased your new e-book yesterday. Incredible photography (as usual), but also an amazing way to deliver the information. My children were enthralled by the presentation when I showed it to them last night. Great work!
- Jeff Patry
A wonderful convergence of images so obviously captured from the heart and soul of an individual devoted to and capable of such rare artistic expression; coupled with the latest technological vehicles of such expression ... what a WINNING combination! In a word ... 'awesome'.
- Craig W. Cutler, President and Chairman - Horizon International Films
I love this eBook, love the interaction, the inset photo frames, and all of the options that brings the experience of reading a book to an entire new level. This eBook brings you much much closer to the story. Ian’s narrative voice at the beginning of each chapter is also a very personal, interactive touch.
Amazing work, I will certainly pass my enthusiasm around, this is very well done and fun to read.
- Lyne Henderson, Henderson Printing Inc.
Please put it in the android market. It is fabulous.
- Joan Ruehle
With his usual tenacity and creativity, Ian has created another masterpiece with the groundbreaking One in a Thousand. From an idea that seemed impossible two + years ago, to a compelling story delivered at the leading edge of publishing technology, the story is wonderful, the supporting images, videos and production amazing. Congratulations Ian! You've raised the bar again.
- Doug Girvin - President and CEO, Stantive Technologies Group
Congratulations on your iPad book launch. I am so pleased it is in the top 10. That is a major accomplishment. This is an amazing feat, Ian. I know how hard you have worked on it.
- Rosemary Sexton, Brockville ON
ONE IN A THOUSAND is such a beautiful book! Both the writing and the photography take my breath away. Donna Walsh Inglehart has a way and a style of writing that makes the reader feel like they are sitting with the person who is telling the story. And to incorporate Ian Coristine's stunning photos and to weave Ms Inglehart's prose all into this AMAZING iPad technology just leaves the reader going "Oh my, look at this!" I have already gifted to a friend with an iPad. I am sure that this "book" (which the word doesn't do One In A Thousand" justice) will be my go to present for friends and family alike. Just download and I promise you will enjoy it!!
- Dobritte Joslin Norris
Ian has written a truly compelling, facinating book. The title "One in a Thousand" may refer to his island but it is more about a life and the man who lives it. Wow!

- Michael Laprade
Looks fantastic...just wish you had an Android version...we are the other 2/3 of the portable device world :-)

Worth a thought? Regardless, great work.

Ray Prachun
- Ray Prachun
I just finished your book and wanted you to know how much I enjoyed it. I have been boating in the 1000 Islands since the early 90s and bought your first book when it first came out and still have it on my coffee table at home. I just wanted you to know that you have helped preserve memories for my family that will never be forgotten.
- David Huntington, Syracuse, NY
I am blown away - I bought an IPad 3 to download your eBook - unbelievable. While reading it I got out your other books. Sitting at my desk I was transported to the River. I thank you so much for your life's work.
- Warren Wilbur III, New Hope, PA
I just bought your app. I think it is absolutely the best use of all iPad capability I have EVER seen. The industry of eBooks has much to learn from what you have done. Congratulations on great work.
- Rick Robinson, Wallingford, PA
Thank you for your wonderful eBook. I got it for Father's Day and finished it today. What a marvelous combination of imagery, words, and music. I particularly appreciated the aerial perspective, as I am a general aviation pilot. I spent the 1960's as a kid on Calumet Island across from Clayton, NY and to this day still long for the place. I remember taking a seaplane ride over the islands as a kid, and watching some of your footage brought me back again to that day.
- Mike Fesko
“Ian’s vivid photos, beautiful video and storytelling provide you with the next best thing to actually visiting the islands. It is truly a ‘journey of a lifetime’ mixed with high risk adventure that will stir your emotions. The navigation is so simple you could move through the pages with your eyes closed – but don’t do that; you will want to appreciate every photo because you won’t find them anywhere else!"
- Terry Simzer
Even though we had grown up and traveled widely throughout Upstate New York, my wife and I never made it to the 1,000 Islands region until this August. We fell in love with the region during our brief visit. While exploring the history displays in the Cornwall Brothers Store & Museum in Alexandria Bay, the proprietor noted the iPad I was toting and suggested that I may be interested in a new app for it. The glossy post card advertisement he handed me looked intriguing so I downloaded 'One in a Thousand' that night. What a wonderful, fantastic app and story! This app has helped me to learn more about and continue my 'explorations' of the islands region even though I'm sitting 100 miles away. The presentation of Ian's story via the iPad brings the story and region to life in a truly fantastic way and wonderfully demonstrates all the technology that the iPad has to offer. I've been demonstrating the 'book' to everyone! Going forward, it is going to be hard to read another book without all the great interactive features that 'One in a Thousand' brings with it!Ian's story itself is wonderful and reminds me of another story of personal 'exploration' that I have enjoyed, 'A Walk in the Woods' by Bill Bryson. And I was excited to read that 'One in a Thousand' co-author Donna Walsh Inglehart is currently writing a book about shipbuilder Bath Iron Works. As a former employee of that great Maine shipbuilding company, I am anxious to read her offering when it becomes available.Thank you ...
- Mike O'Neill, Clay, NY
One in a Thousand is truly an inspiration for me , in several ways. I have spent many boating hours in the Thousand Islands with my family, thinking that I really knew the islands. Ian has helped me bring my appreciation of the islands to a whole new level and I have used his app to uncover many of its hidden beauty .
As a private pilot (Cessna 180 floatplane), I was also amazed at the brilliant video footage from his Challenger. I am now the proud owner of my own Challenger II, C-IJRG. Thank you for the inspiration Ian !
With gratitude,

Mike McGann
Dunrobin, Ontario
- Mike McGann
One in a Thousand looks beautiful, I'm really excited to see it. When will it be available for Android?

Response: Android is a platform where every device maker has the option of modifying the software to suit their needs. When you add up all the Android manufacturers and models, the number is something like 1700. "One" might work on many of them, but not all. Acquiring all the devices, loading, testing and modifying the software, not to mention tech support for each, is beyond us.
- Greg Berger
I received the September issue of magazine as I love to keep up with what is going on down that way. That is where I saw your iPad eBook One in a Thousand. I purchased it right after looking at the preview. I have never seen such a beautiful, exciting, informative, easy to browse book in all my life. I love the way you can enlarge the pictures, learn a little history, and see on the map exactly where it was taken! I could go on and on. I was so excited about it I couldn't put it down. Just wanted to let you know I am so thrilled with this iPad book. I can't imagine anyone not enjoying this book.
- Sheila Smith, Toronto, ON
I saw a story in Yachting Magazine for the book "One in a Thousand" and downloaded it from the App Store. We are boaters, so I was drawn to it right away. Love love love the book!!!! The photography is exceptional. I did not think there was another place on earth that had better boating or views than the Pacific Northwest. Well you proved me wrong. I love Raleigh Island and the surrounding area. Thank you so much for introducing me to another amazing place.
- Diane Fetzner, Gig Harbor, WA
Purchasing an iPad was an option not acted upon until I experienced Ian Coristine's outstanding presentation at the Cornwall Museum in Alexandria Bay in August. A long time admirer of Ian's work, I was intrigued by his latest endeavor, but didn't act upon my interest until witnessing the passion and artistry of "One in a Thousand." In order to download the app, I purchased an iPad. I am happy with both! As River dwellers and acquaintances, Ian and I share a deep appreciation of the history and the majesty of this uniquely glorious place. All who experience "One in a Thousand" will be grateful that Ian so perfectly displays and relays the glory and the story of the Thousand Islands. I read the text in its entirety, captivated by Ian's story, and return often the multimedia presentations of this creation I call home. I am thoroughly enjoying the iPad and the app; wholeheartedly recommend both, and look forward to future interactive publications. Congratulations -and thank you- Ian, McLellan and Apple for partnering to produce such a masterpiece.

Sent from my iPad
- Judy Keeler
Congratulations on a superb read. Having enjoyed my own island life on L. St. Francis near Lancaster ON for 60 years I can only say Ian has captured the lifestyle that all islanders love.
- Bob Watson
Beautiful photos!! My husband and I recently read the ebook "One in a Thousand" and we were enthralled with your story and your beautiful photos. So much so that we took our vacation up to the Thousand Islands area earlier this month (Aug 2013). We stayed in Clayton and Gananoque and visited Corbin's bookstore to purchase your most recent book. It was fun to visit Brockville and Wellesley Island (where we talked to a local gentleman about the area) and other towns and areas you wrote about in "One in a Thousand". We continue to learn and read more about TI, including Thousand Islands Life. Your books and photos are outstanding and give the feeling of true peacefulness. Keep up the good work!
- Donna and Jim Wieseler
I wanted to send a quick note to let you know how much I appreciated your book One in a Thousand. Our family has a cottage close to your island and I have been coming to the area for over 30 years from New Brunswick. My first trips to the region were as a young boy and the region gave me many wonderful memories. My first fishing trips, learning to captain my own boat, swimming in the beautiful clear water, rushing to the cottage to meet up with my summer best friend at the cottage next door, trying to get the rabbit ears to capture a few channels to fill our evenings in, getting caught in a wonderful afternoon thunder and lighting storm and so many more.

As an adult I have done my best to transfer my love of the river to my family. I am pleased to say it's working. I dream of owning my own special place in the area and will continue chasing this dream.

Reading your background information and the story behind the pictures was thrilling. We have just returned from two weeks on the river and I excitedly woke up each morning to read the next chapter. Before we left I had to come by your special island and now understand clearly why you were driven to own this piece of heaven.

Ian, thank you for taking the journey.
- Don Darling
I’ve been meaning to tell you how much I enjoyed One in a Thousand. The concept is outstanding and the text and pictures were wonderful It took me ages to read as I had to open up every link in the book! It takes a LOT of room – but is well worth the space, and certainly the paltry $9 I spent on it!
- Mary Davis Little

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Ian Coristine has had a remarkable life as a Formula race car driver, high-tech entrepreneur, pilot, photographer and award-winning book publisher. Today he is best known for his iconic photographs of The 1000 Islands.

Donna Walsh Inglehart has taught writing for many years. She spent summers in the Thousand Islands, the setting for Breaking the Ring (Little, Brown and Company), and later, for her critically acclaimed Civil War novel, Grindstone (Troubadour Interactive).